Finding a brand name for our business was one of the most arduous steps in the process of creating it. It was tedious, repetitive work and requiring a lot of patience. After a long process of thought and research, we finally chose STYXGYM. The term "GYM" refers to the gym, fitness, bodybuilding and sport in general. “STYX” refers to the river of the underworld from Greek mythology, separating the Underworld from the earthly world. According to legend, diving into these waters made any part of the body invulnerable. We found the name perfectly embodies our commitment to helping people become stronger, fitter and healthier.

As for our logo, we opted for the representation of a snake. We chose to anchor ourselves in the world of Greek mythology to strengthen our link with the name of our brand. The snake is a symbol of immortality, reborn with each molt. We want our clothes to give you this invulnerability and allow you to transform, just like the snake revealing its new skin. We hope our name and logo inspire you to achieve your goals.


Co-founder of Styxgym, dietitian and personal trainer, Léa began to become interested in sport when she felt bad about herself. Unable to look in the mirror at the age of 16, she decided to take matters into her own hands. At first it was harmless. She was exercising at home and was thinking about following a balanced diet to achieve her goal. In reality, she was slowly losing control and feeling worse and worse. Things took an extreme turn: more exercise, less food. Little by little, she isolated herself from her loved ones and friends, and developed eating disorders (TCA).

One day, while simply getting up in a store, she felt unwell. This moment was a turning point for her. Léa realized that to build her muscles, she had to nourish them properly. This is how she began the path to recovery. This journey has not been as simple as one might think; There were ups and downs, but the important thing is that she managed to get through it over time. This release is a strength, hence the choice of the snake as the logo. The evolution and change that molting represents reflects the journey we have taken. This is how the slogan “Like a snake, reveal your new skin” was born.

Thanks to this journey, she learned to reconcile with her body and with food. Sport is no longer a compensation but a way of life, a symbol of well-being and health. Graduated in dietetics in 2022 and became a personal trainer in 2024, Léa has always had the desire to undertake and create something close to her heart. Styxgym is the culmination of this dream.


Styxgym shares its vision with you, both in the gym and in everyday life:

Empathy - The ability to understand and share the feelings of others, by putting oneself in their shoes.

Courage – The ability to face fear, uncertainty and adversity, taking action despite these obstacles.

Solidarity - It involves supporting and helping others.

Resilience – The ability to adapt and bounce back in the face of adversity, stress, or difficult changes, returning to a positive state of functioning.

Perseverance - The quality of persisting in effort despite difficulties, failures or obstacles.

Freedom – The ability to make personal choices without undue constraint, as well as respect for the freedom of others.

Together, by remaining true to our convictions, we will achieve our goals.