Finding a brand name for our business was one of the most difficult steps in the process of creating it. It was tedious, repetitive, long and required a lot of patience.

Finally, after a long process of reflection and research, we opted for STYXGYM. The term GYM refers to the gym, fitness, bodybuilding and sports in general. STYX refers to the river of the underworld in Greek mythology, which separates the Underworld from the terrestrial world. According to legend, by diving into these waters, any part of the body would become invulnerable. We found this name to be perfect for our business as it reflected our commitment to helping people get stronger, fitter and healthier.

Regarding our logo, we have chosen to represent it with a snake. We wanted to stay in the world of Greek mythology to strengthen the link with our brand name. The snake is a symbol of immortality, because it is reborn with each transformation thanks to the phenomenon of molting. We want our clothes to make you invulnerable and allow you to evolve, to transform yourself, like a snake revealing its new skin. We hope our name and logo will inspire you to achieve your fitness and wellness goals.